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I'd already collected and grade the annotated poems and quickwrites, but hadn't entered those grades into the gradebook yet. 


I separated all the work for this project into three different assignments (reading poetry, writing process and final draft).  The reading poetry grade consisted of the annotated poem and quickwrites (20 points possible).  The writing process consisted of the rough draft and love notes (15 points possible).  The final draft consisted of the. . . final draft and was graded using the AIMS rubric.  I used the AIMS rubric other than PARCC because the AIMS rubric lends itself better to creative writing.


  Grading the Poems
  Performance Tasks: Grading the Poems
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Poetry Slam

Unit 7: Analyzing and Crafting Original Poems with George Ella Lyon’s “Where I’m From”
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Objective: Students will be able to present using appropriate eye contact, volume, and clear pronunciation by reading their poem aloud in a poetry slam. Students will identify the main points of a speaker's message by listening to poems and recording main ideas or examples of lovely language.

Big Idea: Speaking and listening meet up with a poetry slam.

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