Reflection: Problem-based Approaches A Grinchy Christmas - Section 4: Independent Practice


I added a word box to the top of the writing section of the independent practice. This word box served as a checklist for students as they explained their thinking. It can be very difficult for little ones to know exactly what to write after they just did a bunch of things to solve a problem! These words prove a very helpful scaffold to getting them to explain their thinking precisely (aligned to the CCSS MP6, Attend to precision). Otherwise, you might get meandering thoughts from students that don't get a deep level of explanation!

Here is an example of a student response (using all of these words): 

First, my strategy was I started at 14 on my number line because there were 14 presents in the house. Next, I jumped back 3 because the Grinch stole 3 of them. Last, I landed at 11. When the Grinch changed, I started at 11, and added 5 because he gave 5 toys back. My tool was the number line.

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  Problem-based Approaches: The Word Box
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A Grinchy Christmas

Unit 6: Properties of Addition and Subtraction
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT solve 2 part story problems with different equations.

Big Idea: This Grinch inspired lesson pushes 1st graders to attempt 2 part story problems. It also is a great way to introduce the topic in 2nd grade!

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