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If students seem to have difficulty understanding the concept of cause and effect, try demonstrating some simple cause/effect relationships.  For example,  roll an pencil acroos a desk so that it falls off.  Have students tell you the cause(you pushed a pencil) and the effect(it fell off of the desk).  This allows them to focus on just one or the other.  I generally do several sessions where I provide the cause and the students come up with the effect.  

When they are able to generate the effect  from a given cause, I then switch and give them the effect and they have to generate the cause.

  Diverse Entry Points: Reflection
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Shadows 3

Unit 3: Shadows
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify cause/effect relationships in the story with teacher guidance.

Big Idea: Shadows are all around us and students will see that in this expository text through photographs of real objects and people.

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