Reflection: Self-Talk Film Study of Johnny Tremain - Section 3: Application


As I mentioned in the narrative, the movie is an old one, 1957, but the kids are eager to see the familiar characters on film so it's not a big deal.  Earlier in the year they watched Island of the Blue Dolphins, a 1964 film without care.  It's all in the way it's presented.  If I'd have sounded apologetic, their attitude going in may have shown it.  Instead, they reflected mine- having a great time reviewing an old movie and comparing it to the book.  They knew from the beginning this was a lesson, not movie day. 

  Appreciation of the Film
  Self-Talk: Appreciation of the Film
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Film Study of Johnny Tremain

Unit 5: Colonists in Crisis
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: TSWBAT complete the Historical Fiction film study worksheet as they view the movie, Johnny Tremain.

Big Idea: Enjoy 80 minutes with Johnny Tremain and the Sons of Liberty.

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