Reflection: Classroom Setup Columbus VS Pilgrims - Section 2: Annotate, Read, Discuss


If you like to use or want to use partners it does take time to create a workable seating plan. Whenever I move desks around, I not only want to keep disruptions down, but also think about how students will work together in pairs. I also look at abilities, experiences to share, language needs, and learning abilities. 

Once the desks are moved, I make sure that I inform and clearly state who is partners with who. It takes the guess work away. I always have a student or students who look for the grey area. This being said, these students will declare a partner if they are not specifically told who they will be working with.

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Columbus VS Pilgrims

Unit 2: Columbus: Biography Discovery
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast what they have read about Columbus with an informational text about the Pilgrims.

Big Idea: Thanksgiving is almost here and students have been learning about who the Pilgrims were. This lesson compares what they have read in their Columbus biography with a text on the Pilgrims.

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