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Connecting to prior knowledge can be difficult for students who seem limited in their experiences. There can be numerous reasons students come with a laking prior knowledge. I have found that sometimes what appears to be lack of prior knowledge can be more the lack of vocabulary. This is because they might not know the words, or in the case of ELL students, know it in Spanish.

I keep my iPad handy a lot in case we come across anything that we might need to have a connection to prior knowledge to. The other day we read the word "mast" and most of my class could not make a connection. With the use of my iPad, I was able to pull up a picture and display it for them to see. Right away most of those who didn't know what is was, realized that they knew what it was and it's purpose. These students didn't have the vocabulary.

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Columbus Sticky Note Paraphrasing

Unit 2: Columbus: Biography Discovery
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Objective: SWBAT summarize pieces of nonfiction text using CLOSE reading strategies by creating notes within the margins.

Big Idea: Sticky notes make it possible for students to use CLOSE reading strategies to help summarize information within a nonfiction text.

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