Reflection: Accountability Deconstructing Two Cities: Plot Review and Analysis Workshop (Day 1 of 2) - Section 3: Location 1: Timeline Creation


It is amazing to me what a frank and honest conversation can do for the work ethic of high school students. After our quiz review today, I gave the kids time to work on their time lines and I saw much more consistent engagement all over the class. Students all had their books out and were having great dialogue about event locations and chronology.

I had a very funny conversation with one student who was convinced the Old Bailey scene at the beginning of book two took place in Paris. One of his group members asked him if Jerry Cruncher had to swim the English Channel everyday to complete his errands for Tellson's Bank. Perhaps this is really only funny to me as I am knee deep in the book, but I take it as a good sign that the students can joke about the text, proving that they do have some comprehension of it.

Truth be told, they only have to make it one more day before we are all on a much needed break. At the beginning of next semester, I think we will be able to recalibrate even more intentionally. In the meantime, asking them to be accountable to what they are really struggling with vs. what they aren't trying very hard with seems to have set things on a better track today.

  Resetting Our Focus
  Accountability: Resetting Our Focus
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Deconstructing Two Cities: Plot Review and Analysis Workshop (Day 1 of 2)

Unit 8: Literary: Analysis of Plot and Character Development in A Tale of Two Cities
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: SWBAT analyze and discuss the structure of A Tale of Two Cities by working with a small group to determine what Dickens is doing and why he is doing what he is doing.

Big Idea: A Tale of Two Cities jumps from city to city. It's time to figure out why.

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