Reflection: Vertical Alignment Archive Research to iPads - Section 5: Building The Archives and Presenting Collages


PicCollage can be a very fun way to present facts and information. It is visually appealing, engaging, and great way to help students learn presenting skills. Presenting can be difficult when needing to be quick and not read from the screen. With the pictures being the main visual, students are forced to know more about the subject.

in our fifth grade, they use PicCollage to present a biography, and many other projects. To use this in fourth grade prepares them to be ready for some higher order creations as they move on.

I have also used this app to demonstrate math problems. I like to also use when they are learning properties. Students can use a white board or drawing app to solve a problem or create examples. They can then save it as a photo in their photo library. They can then add these photos to the collage. Adding text to the pictures can be about how they solved the problem or explaining the properties. 

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Archive Research to iPads

Unit 17: Researching Basics
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Objective: SWBAT create a collage of photos that include captions of facts to explain one of the Archaic Native American groups in Arizona.

Big Idea: iPads make researching and presenting more exciting. The class will use Pic Collage to create a picture collage of facts and pictures that represent one of the Archaic Native American tribes of Arizona. They will then present their collage to teach the cla

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English / Language Arts, Presentation Skills, Research Writing and Practices, Writing, archives, presentation, history, Native American, Ipads, PicCollage
  57 minutes
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