Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Chronological Order: Order of Things - Section 3: Reading Selection with Chronological Questions


It can be difficult to keep a good discussion going and on track. Students are not use to being the lead on a discussion and it takes practice and time. The more you give them the opportunity the better they get. I will try to sit at a student's desk when we have a discussion. Either it is a student who is absent, or I push a chair next to another. I believe this helps them understand that they are in charge and I am not hovering in the room. 

Another trick I have found is to help students who do not participate often with giving them a heads up to the next question. If I am walking around the room, I will stop in front of the hesitant student's desk. I will ask them the next question and tell them to start thinking about it because I will be calling on them soon. Giving this heads up allows them to process the question and participate when they have had time to construct a confident answer. 

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Chronological Order: Order of Things

Unit 6: Text Structures
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Objective: SWBAT to write the order of a daily activity and use transitional words to help them put a story we read together in chronological order.

Big Idea: Using a fun picture book and everyday life events to create an order that uses transitional words. Students will make sure that events are in order and then use a flow chart with transitional words.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, reading , chronological order
  27 minutes
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