Reflection: ELL Students From Cookie to Toy - Section 4: T-Chart and Notes from Reading


This stop and read method is a slower process then normal. I usually read the whole book and then we write our notes. Finding cause and effect relationships is difficult when they do not have the text in front of them. In most books this relationship is not clearly explained the way they have practiced before.

When I allow for time to write, it also signals to the class that a relationship . It takes out the guessing of figuring out the whole book to then formulate an answer. Students can wait for the pause, reflect on what they heard, and then give it a shot on their own. They can remember more about these smaller pieces of text and develop an answer based on them. It keeps students from having to always figure out when they should be writing, and worried about missing information. 

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From Cookie to Toy

Unit 15: Holiday Lessons Throughout the Year
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT write a response that uses evidence to describe how the author uses cause and effect to make a more entertaining story.

Big Idea: Connecting to a holiday Gingerbread theme is fun. This lesson uses a gingerbread story to help students determine cause and effect relationships. Students will then practice writing a response that uses evidence from the text.

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