Reflection: Accountability An 1870's Classrom Meets Common Core: Drilling Math Facts & a Game of What's Wrong with This Answer? - Section 2: What's Wrong with This Problem? A little game that makes them face the meaning of multples of 10's.


This lesson was rich today with an example of a safe and supportive learning environment. I find it interesting that even when I divert from the norm of everyday routine that I can still work on CCSS easily. I didn't need technology. Students were engaged and excited. I loved the support I saw for each student and that they were sensitive in their critiques. I liked the impish grins as they turned from the board with some way out in left field answer that students had to fix. One instance allowed us to talk about looking at exact answers and using estimation to compare because one high end student wrote a different equation than multiples of ten.

It worked. It was fun. When we were done, I am convinced I will see progress in the next assignment on working with multiplication of tens and exact answers within their area models.

This lesson was just a blast... I encourage you to try it, even if you don't work in the historical aspect!

If you are interested: My dress is a carryover from belonging to a caroling group, but my team mate easily constructed one by going to a thrift store. She re-fashioned a long dress, making just a skirt, wore a white blouse and used a shawl. One of our male teachers simply wore a ribbon bow tie with a white shirt and a vest. Students love re enactment and I talked with some of our eighth graders who had volunteered to help with the afternoon because they remember it fondly from their fourth grade experience. Any effort we make to make history connect with Common Core is well worth the time and effort! Needless to say, I was exhausted after the day was done...but smiling!

  I was excited about today!
  Accountability: I was excited about today!
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An 1870's Classrom Meets Common Core: Drilling Math Facts & a Game of What's Wrong with This Answer?

Unit 13: Multiplication Unit
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Objective: SWBAT drill 6's and 7's fluently and be able to identify errors in multiples of ten using multi-digit algorithms.

Big Idea: This great, but simple lesson takes us back to the late 1800's as we drill facts and play a game where students create mistakes in multiplication problems involving multiples of 10 that their classmates have to identify and explain.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, math facts, fluency
  45 minutes
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