Reflection: High Expectations The Decision Behind a Choice. Using Evidence to Explain Character Motives - Section 4: Independent Practice: Poem & Text-Dependent Questions


There are so many demanding expectations from Common Core Standards where the importance lies in students understanding processes that will make them better READERS!!!!Normally before a lesson is taught, I read and create self-generated questions to build students' comprehension of the text. For this lesson, I decided to take a leap of FAITH and rely on my curriculum map resources to provide the poem and questions that we would be analyzed in class today.

I LOVED the choice I made to have my first experience with my students in analyzing this poem. I knew that the poem was written from two perspectives so the use of the color pencils helped students to section off when the speaker referred to "he" and then "you." This effect even allowed me to read the poem in the original format then read it in the "he" then "you" perspective. I was even able to have "small talk" about the use of pronouns in the poem and how powerful the nameless nature made in not knowing the actual names of the speaker's lovers. As my students stated, "the use of nouns would not have given a distinct difference in how the speaker refers to her past and current love.

Even when it came to answering the questions, I worked with a small group of students to answer each question. I should have done question 6, 8, and 9 prior to teaching the lesson because I had to rely on the dictionary to define terms that had different connotations in the poem. We have worked with connotations and denotations in class before so students watching me use the dictionary to decipher meaning was a great experience for them to view. I would teach this lesson again when launching the ideas to students that maturing involves the choice made when making decisions about things in life.

  Poem Activities Reflection
  High Expectations: Poem Activities Reflection
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The Decision Behind a Choice. Using Evidence to Explain Character Motives

Unit 3: Coming of Age
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: SWBAT cite evidence from a poem to demonstrate an understanding of how word choice impacts the relationship and meanings to one another in context.

Big Idea: Choices: You want me to choose NOW or LATER?

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