Reflection: Complex Tasks Graphing & Modeling with Exponents - Section 2: Comparing Graphs of Exponential Functions


On the one hand, these graphs were fairly easy for most students to develop.  Many were genuinely surprised at the symmetry of the final result, and I think a lot of them liked it even if they didn't want to admit it.

On the other hand, a surprising number of students still had trouble with several aspects of the assignment.  First, many found it very difficult to decide how to scale their axes.  They knew that the data would be both very large and very close to zero, and they weren't sure how to balance these facts.  This will come with experience.  They also had some trouble with the final equation because the exponent was multiplied by -1.

These observations and others are illustrated in the annotated sample A and sample B resources showing student work. 

  Complex Tasks: Student Work
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Graphing & Modeling with Exponents

Unit 6: Exponents & Logarithms
Lesson 5 of 14

Objective: SWBAT graph simple exponential functions with integer bases. SWBAT use an exponential model to analyze a real-world situation.

Big Idea: How high will the basketball bounce and will it ever stop? An exponential model sheds light on the question!

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