Reflection: Complex Tasks Understanding How Dialect Helps to Develop Tone in Folklore - Section 3: Independent Practice: Reading and Translating Stories


Studying the folklorist of Zora Neale Hurston exposes students to the literature that will be studied more in higher grades. With our brief studying of idioms and dialect, students will easily recognize the use of language in the story to understand how snakes contained the poison inside their bodies.

Having a student version of Zora's folklore in standard English presented challenges because the initial response by students was to copy the original story word-by-word. There are so many ways to tackle the rewriting of the story. While copying is not an incorrect behavior to do, students can also summarize line-by-line or paraphrase the major points of the story from beginning, middle, and end.

Studying dialect in this lesson really attributes to the importance this language has on the effect of a reading selection. From the video reflection of the student, the use of dialect developed a greater appreciation in the reader of the culture surrounding the story than when students had to rewrite the story in thier own English language. I appreciated the work students put into retelling the folklore and the unintentional impact that dialect played in students' appreciation of the tale.

  Complex Tasks: Rewrite of Folklore Reflection
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Understanding How Dialect Helps to Develop Tone in Folklore

Unit 3: Coming of Age
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: SWBAT understand how dialect and exaggerations impact the meaning of word choice and mood in the text, "How the Snake Got Poisoned".

Big Idea: Using Dialect to detect the origin of characterization in a text.

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