Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Quadrilaterals - Section 4: Closure


Giving students the opportunity to discover for themselves is the best instructional strategy for the students.  If they discover for themselves, then they will retain the information learned.  It will have a more concrete meaning for the students.  In this lesson, the students could finally grasp the idea of what was parallel and what was not parallel, because they had to extend the lines to see.  

In the past, I feel that students did not have the concept as well as they thought, because they were just basing their answers on a picture.  From the pictures, the students determined if the figure had parallel sides by just looking at it.  Now, they know to extend the lines to actually see if the shape would connect if the line segments were longer.

  Student Discovery
  Student Led Inquiry: Student Discovery
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Unit 4: Geometry
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify quadrilaterals by the length of their sides and angles.

Big Idea: Quadrilaterals are four-sided polygons that have distinctive attributes.

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