Reflection: Checks for Understanding I See Two. Do You? Exploring the Number Two - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


One-to-one correspondence is a tricky concept for many students.  I have intentionally emphasized this concept.  When checking the students' work, I had every child count the apple stickers for me, touching each one (see video).  It is easier to just quickly look at students work, but reinforcement and evaluation occurs during this step.  I can quickly assess what students are struggling with this concept when they have to demonstrate it for me.  I was able to catch some students who were not demonstrating this concept correctly.  I will be monitoring their progress on future lessons.

  Showing What They Know
  Checks for Understanding: Showing What They Know
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I See Two. Do You? Exploring the Number Two

Unit 1: Exploring Numbers 0-10
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Objective: Students will be able to identify the number two, identify groups with two objects and represent the number two.

Big Idea: Many kindergarteners come to school with rote counting skills, but they often do not understand that the numbers they can recite actually represent quantities. This lesson helps to make that connection.

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Math, SIOP, ELL, Critical Area
  45 minutes
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