Reflection: Positive Reinforcement Digging into Character Analysis - Section 2: Recap of Yesterday's Declaration Activity


I was filmed yesterday for the Master Teacher Project. It is always a little unnerving to invite strangers into your classroom, but it was especially unnerving yesterday because we did an activity that my teaching partner and I have never done before. Anything could have happened!

What actually happened was great. My students did a fantastic job with the documents they analyzed and discussed and did an even better job of digging deep to create a Declaration of Student Rights as a class. It was fun to watch them work together on wording and ideas. It was even more fun to push their thinking and engage in great conversation about the struggles of being a student in today's educational system.

Because of all of these things, I thought it was really important to thank them today. As teachers we have to acknowledge their hard work/effort as often as we can. I believe very strongly that that kind of positive reinforcement will lead to more trust and stronger classroom community--a great payoff for a simple thing.

  Importance of Celebration
  Positive Reinforcement: Importance of Celebration
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Digging into Character Analysis

Unit 8: Literary: Analysis of Plot and Character Development in A Tale of Two Cities
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT trace the development of characters through the first two books of A Tale of Two Cities by creating life size character posters of each of the main characters in the book.

Big Idea: Imagine you and Dickens are going to a literary soiree--let's familiarize ourselves his colorful characterized guests!

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