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I like to use this type of student directed learning, especially for reviewing material.  I find that most students are able to take a great deal of ownership over their learning.  In the previous class I will post the unit topics and ask students to rank them in order of what they understand the most to least.  This way, students have given some forethought to what they will focus their attention on during review.  In class, I try to create a climate where the emphasis is on process and not necessarily product.  This way, I can post answer keys (or in this case videos with answers explained).  Students know that it is not about "getting the assignment done."  More importantly, they are focused on their understanding of the individual topics.  They are also able to make good use of their time by using their classmates and myself as resources while they are in class.

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  Classroom Setup: Test Review-Reflection
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Functions Review Assignment

Unit 1: Functions
Lesson 17 of 18

Objective: SWBAT: 1) Evaluate Functions and determine their domain and range 2) Graph piecewise functions 3) Shift functions using transformations

Big Idea: This review assignment will wrap up the functions unit and help students understand what they need to continue to study.

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Math, Decreasing function, increasing function, Algebra, domain, range, input, output, function, transformation, piecewise-defined functions, function
  40 minutes
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