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Writing can be very difficult to structure so that every student accomplishes the same task. In first grade, writing was more of a model and students were often instructed to stay with the model or ti's form. The same can be true in fourth grade. 

The reason I give so many options of sentences is to help structure the differentiation needed for success. Students with specific writing needs now have more than one model to help them model or structure their writing from. With these multiple models, students will not be able to create the exact same letter and it will be unique to how they want write it. 

I highly recommend giving multiple examples of ways to write sentences for these types of learners. It takes the stress out of writing and allows them to stay engaged.

  Structured Sentences
  Diverse Entry Points: Structured Sentences
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A Real Thank You

Unit 21: Lesson with Writing
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT write a thank you letter to people who donated materials, books, and funds to a class project.

Big Idea: The art of saying thank you is so much more meaningful when students put their words on paper. In this lesson students write real thank you notes that will be mailed to give them a real world experience and motivation for genuine effort.

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  35 minutes
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