Reflection: Continuous Assessment One Is Fun! Exploring the Number One - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


Overall, this lesson quite well.  The students were engaged in the lesson and enjoyed the story.  Most students have been given exposure to rote counting so they come into the lesson with some background knowledge. 

It is so important to build one-to-one correspondence that I demonstrated counting and touching objects throughout the lesson.  The one thing I would do differently is do a better job of explaining the independent practice activity.  The students did a great job of putting one sticker in each box.  The one thing that they struggled with was counting each group separately.  There were 6 boxes on the sheet, so instead of counting one each for each sticker placed in the box, they wanted to go 1-2-3-4-5-6. I had 5 or 6 students who made this same error.  I modeled for them how to count each sticker as being a part of separate group and had them do the same thing.

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One Is Fun! Exploring the Number One

Unit 1: Exploring Numbers 0-10
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Objective: Students will be able to identify the number one, identify groups with one object and represent the number one.

Big Idea: Many kindergarteners come to school with rote counting skills, but they often do not understand that the numbers they can recite actually represent quantities. This lesson helps to make that connection.

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Math, SIOP, ELL, Critical Area
  45 minutes
one is fun
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