Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding The Function of Verbs in Memoir - Section 4: Verb Function in Memoir: Comparing Expert Text and Student Text


I was pleasantly surprised at the end of today’s lesson;  when I asked if learning this seemed like it would be helpful in their writing, almost all the students agreed immediately that it would.  Their enthusiasm led me to believe that they felt good about their understanding of the concepts (we’ll see how well it translates to their writing in the coming days).   I was a bit nervous going in that the concepts of this lesson would be a overwhelming since they stray from their traditional ideas of grammar, and they are rather complex.  However, this seemed not to be the case; there wasn't any sense of frustration from any of the students when they were identifying the verbs and categorizing them, and they seemed quite interested when I put their work up against the expert texts in a side by side comparison (I ended up showing all three of these that I had prepared, because it felt like more examples provided a better context for their own writing).   I'm very encouraged by this, because I think this kind of deep knowledge of how language functions can help them tremendously both in writing and in reading complex texts, since it provides accessible tools for breaking down texts and understanding the function of words.  I'm looking forward to continuing this work tomorrow with subjects, direct objects, and prepositional phrases!

  Students Were Up to the Challenge
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Students Were Up to the Challenge
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The Function of Verbs in Memoir

Unit 7: Writing Memoir as Argument
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify the functions of verbs in different parts of a memoir and how they engage and orient the reader through analysis of verb use in expert and student texts.

Big Idea: Different sections of text call for different processes to fully engage the readers in the argument.

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