Reflection: Joy Mining Photos for Memoir Writing - Section 2: Pre-Writing Activity: "What I See/What I Feel"


This was a great way to go into the break—they loved sharing their photos!  I ended up simply letting them look at each other’s photos for the first ten minutes or so before getting into the lesson, and that time itself I think built anticipation for doing something in class with the photos.  

I thought the key to the success here was looking at Murray’s piece first; those first fifteen minutes provided a clear model, and as I walked around I saw lots of strong details (and commentary from some of the girls on how pink all their clothes were).  I'm not sure they get to that point without going back to the text.   I was originally going to have students complete a draft for Monday, but I felt like that was asking too much for the holiday, and as they debated what photo to use first, I felt like they probably needed to have some more time playing around with the photos and developing ideas before committing to an idea.  Also, sending students, even AP students, home with a lot to do over a break never has really strong results.

  Model Was Important
  Joy: Model Was Important
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Mining Photos for Memoir Writing

Unit 7: Writing Memoir as Argument
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT develop arguments through personal experiences through reflection and analysis of photos.

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