Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Add and Subtract Linear Expressions - Section 3: Summarize + Homework


For this lesson, I ended up not assigning the homework.  Students worked really hard in class, but will still getting tripped up with subtraction, and the fact that they needed to distribute a negative one, or change it to adding the opposite - however you look at it.  I did not feel comfortable in the fact that students would be able to go home and be successful with the assignment, getting the practice that they need.  Instead, I am going to use the assignment as an alternative to tomorrow's game - in case I need to assign certain students seat work for any reason :)

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Add and Subtract Linear Expressions

Unit 5: Expressions
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to add and subtract linear expressions.

Big Idea: A step further than simple combining like terms – now parenthesis are involved, but with the right moves, it is just as easy!

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, 7th grade, linear expressions, combining like terms
  70 minutes
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