Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Double Digit Multiplication and the Area Model - Section 3: Practice Work and Assignment


This Educreations video shows samples of student work and their different approaches. I am hoping they connect the idea that 10 x any double digit number is mental math. An area model is not needed! This reasoning hasn't quite clicked yet, but I will persevere in getting them to see that.

The last sample is of a student who struggles badly with confusing process. I am showing how to deal with his issues by telling him to talk place value language as a strategy for remembering what process he is doing when adding. He didn't attempt to find the error on his own. I had to guide him.

I am pleased with the progress I saw today. They are connecting their 1xup to 4 digit process and place value ( partial products, etc.) to 2x2 digit. This is great!  CCSS serve as a guide of support for the process. I see the difference.

Years ago, when I taught the standard algorithm at this level without any thought to place value and reasoning, there were tears of frustration from my students. They often didn't master the algorithm. After many attempts, we as teachers often just chalked it up to "later"...but later never came within our class. CCSS has built in developmental levels so that mastery is going to happen.

It has made a world of difference in this class already.

  Good thinking!
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Good thinking!
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Double Digit Multiplication and the Area Model

Unit 13: Multiplication Unit
Lesson 11 of 19

Objective: SWBAT multiply double digit by double digit numbers using an area model.

Big Idea: Students discover how to apply prior knowledge to solve a double digit multiplication equation using an area model.

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this is how i think we do
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