Reflection: Biography Research: Kick Off Day! (Day 2 of 11) - Section 4: Students Read Closely, Research, and Record Notes


I've included a student sample from today.  This particular student did a nice job with their note taking.  I did stop and have a short conference with her, and we talked about how she sorted her information.  She was able to tell my why she thought each piece of information was relevant to her biographical subject's life.  One thing I asked her to work on tomorrow was to add enough information so that when she goes back at the end of the week, she can easily remember what that note was about.  For example, I told her after the note "Phoebe Ann Moses" to add "real name".  I'll check in with her tomorrow to see how she does, and I'll use a similar sample when I model note taking with the whole class tomorrow.

  Formative Assessment of Today's Research and Notes
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Biography Research: Kick Off Day! (Day 2 of 11)

Unit 3: Creative, Inventive, and Notable People of the Turn-of-the-Century
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT read a biography, take relevant notes, and sort them into who, what, when, where, why, and how question stem categories.

Big Idea: It's kick off day! Your researchers are introduced to their unit materials, and begin reading, researching, and taking notes. Go team!

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English / Language Arts, research materials, Research Writing and Practices, researched information, biography (Nonfiction Lit), WHO, research and development, research, informational text, questioning, note taking, notes, Question Stems, relevant evidence, categories, Graphic Organizer, turn of the century, Creative, inventive, notable, cite evidence, relevant information, sort, biography, when, Why, where, how, what
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biography research
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