Reflection: "Kickin' Back" Retired Style - Section 5: Continued Practice


I have 14 students who take part in the full academics of the classroom (one child is severely Autistic and is on her own academic program).  Of the 14, nine of them were able to successfully complete the addition and subtraction sheet with no errors or reversals of numbers.  One child understood the mathematics but still had numeral reversals (I will check in with her tomorrow and have her fix them).  The other four all added the addition equations (or attempted to).  For two of them, I am going to touch base about noticing the subtraction sign and performing that function.  The other two need to be retaught and I will team them up tomorrow and work with them.  Below are two pictures, one is of a child who needs continued support and scaffolding. The other is of the child who just needs to be taught to look and see if she is being asked to add or subtract.

The last photo (student who still needs manipulatives) is evidence of a child who is still confused by the written equation.  Once I sat with her and went over the problems, I realized that she still needs cubes or a manipulative to solve the problems.  If I read them to her, she could use connecting cubes to solve them.  

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"Kickin' Back" Retired Style

Unit 3: Counting & Comparing
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: The students will be able to fluently of add or subtract 1 using single digit numbers.

Big Idea: What better way to take it easy then to play America's favorite retiree game BINGO! The students will work with the idea of adding one and subtracting one from numbers 1-10.

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Number Sense and Operations, Math, Comparing Numbers, addition, subtraction, 1st Grade Math
  70 minutes
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