Reflection: Trust and Respect Final Reading: Celebrating Success - Section 3: Student Work Time


While students were reading aloud today, I wrote short notes on their student conference document. I develop a serious of symbols (+ # -) that I use to jot down how well a student reads aloud. I don't want students to think they are being evaluated during the read aloud so I keep those notes very minimal During our next one-on-one conference, I ask the student about reading aloud.   I really enjoy hearing students read aloud.  For it to be effective, there has to be a huge amount of trust and respect in the classroom which we work on developing all year.  



  Trust and Respect: Reading aloud with students
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Final Reading: Celebrating Success

Unit 6: What It Means to be Human
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Objective: SWBAT trace the theme of a complex text from beginning to end by reading aloud in class and completing a theme folder.

Big Idea: Does reading aloud help students understand the text?

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