Reflection: Rigor Exploring an Author's Use of History - Section 3: Did They Get It?


At my school, we level our ELA courses.  There are intervention classes, general classes, and advanced classes. While this hasn't caused a problem in the past, I can see how it can be detrimental to Common-Core level rigor.

We are asking all of our students to reach beyond anything they have ever done before in school.  However, when we level our classes, the lower students don't get an opportunity to be exposed to some of those higher-level ideas.  They don't know what they're working towards with this increased rigor.

The advanced students can be at a disadvantage too.  I have always found that I don'n really understand something until I can articulate it and explain it to someone else.  I think there is real value in having those advanced students take the time to explain rigorous concepts and ideas to general ed and intervention students as a way to really show that they understand the material.

  Why Leveled Classes Can Be Frustrating
  Rigor: Why Leveled Classes Can Be Frustrating
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Exploring an Author's Use of History

Unit 17: Studying Informational Text
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT explain interactions between individuals and ideas by paraphrasing and analyzing quotes from a novel.

Big Idea: Did Twain reveal his ideas about slavery in Tom Sawyer?

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English / Language Arts, Listening and Speaking, paraphrasing, discussions
  45 minutes
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