Reflection: Complex Tasks Symbolism in Their Eyes Were Watching God, Day 1 of 2 - Section 4: Small Group Independent Work


I'm hoping that the step I added to this assignment, highlighting words packed with meaning, will help students when analyzing the symbolic meaning of the items they illustrated. These two student samples of symbols with words highlighted suggest that it will be helpful. I think the words these students chose to highlight are powerful and if they spend time really thinking of the connotation of these words and picturing what the words meant to illustrate in the reader's mind, they should be able to come up with a convincing meaning for the symbol.

  Complex Tasks: Highlighting Words
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Symbolism in Their Eyes Were Watching God, Day 1 of 2

Unit 2: Writing About Their Eyes Were Watching God
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify symbols in the novel by collaborating with classmates to brainstorm possible symbols and evaluate the list based on definition and model provided. SWBAT begin analysis of symbols by gathering textual support.

Big Idea: Collaborating to bring attention to every aspect of a symbol.

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