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I chose multiplication as my warm up for this division lesson because one of my overarching objectives in teaching division is to make a connection to multiplication. While we, as adults, readily see the connection between multiplication and division, younger children – my third grade students for example – usually don’t. Their initial development of division understanding generally starts with seeing it as “separate” from other operations. 

In using the pictures of arrays for a multiplication game, the students are actually describing the division as well when they are looking at the groups the whole is made up of.  I think this is a perfect transition game to use when moving from multiplication to its relationship with division.

  Why Multiplication?
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Why Multiplication?
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Unit 4: Understanding Division
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Objective: Students will be able to use the concept that the division sign means "put into sets of" and solve problems by predicting the number of sets from skip counting.

Big Idea: Children need to understand the two types of division, sharing and measuring/grouping. This lesson will allow them to explore strategies to solve for quotients using manipulatives.

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