Reflection: Student Grouping Biographies: Filming Continued - Section 2: Creating Biography Report Videos and Group Discussions


We do a lot of group work in my class because I find it to be very beneficial to student learning. I have the students' desks arranged in tabled to help facilitate group work.  We change seats once a month or so and I always give careful consideration to my seating arrangements.  I make sure to split up students who do not work well in groups together.  I also make sure to pair struggling students up with students who are good to help them.  Not someone who will give them all the answers, but someone who will help them through the process of finding answers on their own.  

  Strategic Grouping
  Student Grouping: Strategic Grouping
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Biographies: Filming Continued

Unit 13: The Story of My Life - Biographies
Lesson 7 of 17

Objective: SWBAT participate in a group discussion on "Who Was Dr. Seuss." Students will also create a video presentation of their biography reports.

Big Idea: Students will be participating in group discussions on chapters 6 & 7 in "Who Was Dr. Seuss?" We will also be filming video presentations of the biography reports the students wrote as a homework assignment earlier in this unit.

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