Reflection: "Kickin' Back" Retired Style - Section 3: Playing the Game


I am attaching a copy of the form I used to observe 6 of the students playing the game.  Remember that two check marks indicates fluency with the answer and one check means hesitation or initial incorrect response with and eventual self correct.

*You will notice that the first student was fluent with adding or subtracting one to a number.  However, when she was asked to add any number to 1, she had to stop and count with her fingers.  From this observation, I need to help reinforce the idea that adding 1 or a number to 1 only changes that number by 1.

  Observation Thoughts
  Observation Thoughts
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"Kickin' Back" Retired Style

Unit 3: Counting & Comparing
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: The students will be able to fluently of add or subtract 1 using single digit numbers.

Big Idea: What better way to take it easy then to play America's favorite retiree game BINGO! The students will work with the idea of adding one and subtracting one from numbers 1-10.

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Number Sense and Operations, Math, Comparing Numbers, addition, subtraction, 1st Grade Math
  70 minutes
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