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Shortly after sending the students out to work on this task, I had four students come to me and ask how many groups should they have.  I responded with a question,  How many counters do you have?  They told me had 36 counters and one group had 40 counters.  I said,  I don't know how many groups, that is what I need you to find out.  Remember, every group has to be equal.

Another student came to me and asked me for two more counters because he had 48 counters and he wanted to put them into five groups of ten.  I explained there were no extras, and I asked him how would he write a multiplication sentence if he didn't have equal groups?  He stared at me and was thinking, and then he said, "Nevermind, I guess I have to keep trying." 

This perseverance, expected in the Common Core Math Practices, is exactly what I was hoping to see from the students.  However, while the students persevered through the first grouping structure, only a few students continued to regroup their counters into second and third models of equal groups.  I knew that I would need to teach additional lessons on equal groups. 

  Perseverance: Perseverance
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Equal Groups

Unit 1: Multiplication
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT show equal groups to explain multiplication.

Big Idea: Multiplication is based on combining sets of equal groups.

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