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In some ways, peer editing is asking the students to play the part of the teacher, which has both  weaknesses and strengths. The students clearly do not have the same writing experience as me, nor do they have as much experience talking through academic work with others. Therefore, I cannot expect that the activity will transform the final essays (not that my advice transforms anything, either). Nonetheless, the activity can still be beneficial, which I was reminded of today.

I watched from a distance as one student made a few suggestions on her neighbor's paper; she asked the writer a couple of questions and wrote another note on the paper. It was nothing major, all things that I would have written too. The difference was that the writer approached the advice with more grace. She wanted to make the changes when her peer suggested it, even though I had pointed some of the grammatical errors out throughout the writing process. But I am a nit-picky English teacher, who notices everything. She was in no hurry to take my advice, but when her peer noticed, the errors seemed to become more real, more egregious. Sometimes peer pressure can be positive!

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Having the Last Word: Writing Conclusions and Peer Editing

Unit 8: Long Composition on Choice Reading
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT provide a concluding section that follows from and supports the argument presented by writing a concluding paragraph for their choice read long composition.

Big Idea: The conclusion is like the big bow on top of the gift: it's the final touch that can make all the difference, so let's spend some time really thinking about what to say.

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