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During this part of the lesson, I moved from group to group to listen in on their discussions and look at their plan to map out the different outcomes.  Each group came up with a different strategy to determine the different outcomes.  Some students relied on the cubes by building each color for the dogs connected to a collar.  

Another group just recorded the collar colors and the dog colors and filled in their table.  This group of students included both a student receiving special education services and one of the higher students in my class.  I discovered through some questioning that the special education student suggested this plan. 

One group listed all collar colors individually by dog color.  They took the brown dog and listed all the collar colors on the brown dog.  Next, the took the black dog and listed all the collar colors in a different order from the first dog.  This random list continued with the yellow and white dog. 

One group put the dog cubes in a horizontal row and the collar cubes in a column beneath the dog cubes.  The students recorded this information, and then just moved the column to the next color for each dog and recorded their findings.  

Each group came up with the correct number of possible outcomes of 28.  There was much discussion between students on what type of strategy to use to solve the problem.  Some of the students just wanted to find the right answer, and I had to reinforce it was not about the right answer.  I explained this problem was about being able to explain their strategy for solving a problem and explaining the different possibilities.  

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Making Tables For Multiplication

Unit 1: Multiplication
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT create a table to find different outcomes when combining options.

Big Idea: Use the strategy of making a table to solve multiplication problems.

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