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I was surprised by the results of this exit ticket seeing the distribution of student choices.  The most widely chosen technique for this question was slope-intercept form.  This was followed by finding intercepts and plotting-points in that order.  I attribute this to the fact that putting equations into slope-intercept form is a major focus of the 8th grade curriculum.  Since students have been previously exposed to this method over any other they are more comfortable with it.  Even though in this case it is actually the most work, that seems to be students first inclination.  

The next day we took some time to investigate this exit ticket as a class.  Students were able to share their justification of each method.  Some students who chose slope-intercept method were able to see why another method may actually be simpler based on the structure of this particular equation.

  Student Ownership: Closure-Reflection
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Graph Linear Equations Practice

Unit 2: Linear Functions
Lesson 18 of 19

Objective: SWBAT graph linear equations using intercepts, points, and slope-intercept form.

Big Idea: There is a variety of ways to graph linear equations. The structure of an equation can make one method better than another.

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