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I would rather teach introductions WITH conclusions, which will be our next lesson. Hooks and so whats, the final element in a good conclusion per my school's curriculum, work well together. I would prefer to teach them at the same time. Unfortunately, time is not on my side in our "skinny" class (versus our "block" classes which are 87 minutes long). I knew that if I taught both introductions and conclusions on the same day, students wouldn't have time to actually write. I wanted them to immediately write to cement the knowledge I shared with them. I had to make a choice; I chose to cement introductions rather than connect introductions and conclusions. I will still be able to make the connections on another day, though I'll need to review introductions first. It will work in the long run.

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A Good Introduction

Unit 9: Expository Writing
Lesson 4 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to write a good essay introduction by taking notes and revising an existing essay.

Big Idea: Hook and Reel--drawing in readers with good introductions.

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