Reflection: Intervention and Extension Drafting the Past-Present-Future Essay - Section 2: Past-Present-Future Essay Rough Draft


Based on my current students' writing skill level, I believe my illustration of specific details today will be enough to get them writing with specificity. However, I have a great extension lesson on the back-burner if needed.

I start the lesson by reviewing the phrase "show, don't tell" and methods for making it happen (specific nouns, imagery, sensory detail, etc.). Then, I present a challenge. I pass out images of lighthouses taken from a daily calendar, instructing students to keep them hidden from their classmates. Their task is to write a paragraph showing their image, not just telling. After students write, we place all the images face up on the center tables in the room. Students then exchange papers. They must find the image that matches the paragraph they received. Once everyone has found their image, we discuss. What helped you find the image? What didn't? Ultimately, students realize that specific details and imagery help a reader better see and understand a text.

This activity is A LOT of fun for students and for me; sometimes I even join in their writing and searching. It works well for both expository and narrative writing.

  Diving Further Into Show, Don't Tell
  Intervention and Extension: Diving Further Into Show, Don't Tell
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Drafting the Past-Present-Future Essay

Unit 9: Expository Writing
Lesson 3 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to write claim, evidence and details for an expository essay by utilizing a finished outline.

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