Reflection: Real World Applications Introduction to Expository Writing - Section 2: Expository Essay Overview


Several students want to know why we even have to learn multiple ways of writing. The answer is clear to me, but not to them. Writing in the real world, be it career-related or personal, occurs for many different purposes and in many different styles. Students need to explore all avenues of writing in school so they are prepared when, for example, they must write an expository piece about an accident they witnessed. Or perhaps they want to write a persuasive piece to convince others to vote for their candidate. What about a simple letter to a friend? Knowing the techniques of different writing styles can make these day-to-day writing activities much easier in the future.

  Why Write a Different Way?
  Real World Applications: Why Write a Different Way?
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Introduction to Expository Writing

Unit 9: Expository Writing
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Objective: Students will be able to compare and contrast persuasive and expository writing to build knowledge of the genres and to prepare for writing by taking notes and annotating a sample essay.

Big Idea: To persuade or to explain--that is the question. Comparing expository and persuasive writing.

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