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As a pre-lesson assessment, I gave all of my students a math prompt to solve in their math reflection journals.  My purpose for doing this was to find the different levels of understanding within the concept of division.  

What I found was that most students solved the division problem using a "dealing out" strategy -- counting out one-by-one to each of the number of groups.  A few of my students were able to solve the prompt using known multiplication problems and some were able to skip count to the answer, or work with equal groups.  I used this information to develop my mini lesson and activity for the students. 

I've shared five different student strategy examples here. Strategy development in multiplication and division is extremely critical. Students who are not given the opportunity to make sense of the operations will always be behind in mathematics. Developing the efficiency of student strategies is also critical. So, the teacher's role is to know those strategies, and to know where their students are in the strategy development continuum so that they can support each student into using the next most efficient strategy.

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Grandma's Cookie Production Company

Unit 4: Understanding Division
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Objective: Students will be able to use the concept that the division sign means "put into sets of" and solve problems by predicting the number of sets from skip counting.

Big Idea: Children need to understand the two types of division, sharing and measuring/grouping. This lesson will allow them to explore strategies to solve for quotients using manipulatives.

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