Reflection: Exit Tickets Responding To Emerson: Understanding Point-Of-View - Section 3: Two-Minute Warning: Wrap-Up and Exit Slip


Students' exit tickets provided a wide variety of perspectives on Emerson, which is what I'd hoped for: I do not want to teach students "one correct way" to read Transcendental philosophy, but rather provide them with the opportunity to select their own. As has been common the past few years, students are gravitating toward the corporate character and the rough-and-tumble character. I have wondered if, because of the demographics of the community, the former is most  familiar and the later the furthest from their experiences. 

  Reflections on Characterization: Exit Tickets
  Exit Tickets: Reflections on Characterization: Exit Tickets
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Responding To Emerson: Understanding Point-Of-View

Unit 9: Literacy: Transcendent Impressions in Essays (American Romanticism III)
Lesson 2 of 2

Objective: SWBAT determine Emerson's purpose and analyze his use of rhetoric in writing "Self-Reliance" & "Nature" through writing a business letter in response to his work.

Big Idea: "Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding" (-Emerson), such as the understanding that comes from reacting to someone who has had an impact on you.

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emerson the mystic by christopher cranch
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