Reflection: Classroom Setup Creating a Web-Based Research Notebook: the "Formative Assessment" (Part 6 of 6) - Section 3: Preview of Reading for Next Week (Homework for Tonight)


The lesson here, the 6th out of 6 and the final one in the Notebook "mini-unit," includes this bit of practical instruction.  For my course, I teach these six lessons in this sequence, and, in the last class period, I make the request to read some of Alicia's Story for homework.  

Also, generally speaking, the review of the formative-student-friendly check list (included here in the resources), does not take in a full period my classroom, so I give students reading time to get a "jumpstart" on their homework.

Clearly, then, this "tail end" bit of the class period can be simply deleted for those teachers who do not want to include Alicia's Story in their curriculum

  comment regarding this homework request
  Classroom Setup: comment regarding this homework request
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Creating a Web-Based Research Notebook: the "Formative Assessment" (Part 6 of 6)

Unit 1: "The Medium is the Message": Modern Technology Meets Classic Research Methods
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT create and layout a simple, four-page website to function as a semester-long, "pre-writing" tool.

Big Idea: a simple Google Site will serve to keep all of a student's pre-research organized

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English / Language Arts, Internet (Computers), Writing, Research Writing and Practices, Writing Process, website creation, writing on the web, formative assessment
  35 minutes
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