Reflection: Complex Tasks Unpacking a Metaphysical Conceit - Section 1: Steps to Unpack a Metaphor


The students understood the steps on the slides and the examples we used to unpack the metaphor.  However, the examples on the slide were very easy to understand, and required little deep thinking.  The excerpts I used were much more difficult and required time to think and unpack. 
When I teach this lesson again I will use more difficult examples and spend a little more time on unpacking a metaphor to model for students the time time they really need to spend unpacking extended metaphors.  

  Complexity of Examples
  Complex Tasks: Complexity of Examples
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Unpacking a Metaphysical Conceit

Unit 1: Metaphysical Poets
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT will be able to analyze a metaphor as part of a metaphyscial conceit

Big Idea: Understanding a complex metaphor is made easier when students see each step along the way.

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