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This is my second year using a portfolio presentation as an exam, and I can't imagine going back to a traditional paper-and-pencil test.

In my school, we assess my standards; this presents problems for a traditional exam. One, it is impossible to reassess all standards on the exam--there are just too many of them. Two, a traditional exam is double jeopardy--students end up being summatively assessed over standards twice. What's the point in that? Unhappy with the grading conundrum the traditional exam created, I decided to try something different.

My exam is a performance task, assessed for SL.11-12.4, presentation skills. This standard asks students to present a clear claim, evidence, and details, matching perfectly to a presentation of growth. Students' work becomes the evidence and details to support a claim of growth.

What I most love about this exam format is that it reinforces a culture of learning; the exam communicates to my students that I care about their improvement, which encourages them to care, as well. This is my dream classroom, one in which students know they are there to learn and put forth effort to make it happen.

  An Alternative Option--Presentations as Exams
  An Alternative Option--Presentations as Exams
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Artifact Commentaries

Unit 7: Final Exam
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: Students will be able to plan evidence and details for a portfolio presentation by creating an artifact commentary.

Big Idea: Plan for success--creating artifact commentaries for presentations of growth.

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English / Language Arts, Portfolio, Exam, presentation
  45 minutes
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