Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Unpacking a Metaphysical Conceit - Section 3: Wrap-Up


I was very excited to try this lesson out with students.  I used to use carousel activities a lot with students at my other school, but here we had a shortage of supplies and I didn't have easy access to butcher paper.  Now supplies are a little more readily available and I am eager to try some of the old learning techniques I used to use. 

However, my students are not thrilled about a new learning activity, especially one that involves complex concepts. When I mention that the poems are complex one of the students shakes his head, "I won't be good at it then, I don't like complexity."  Which is why I thought splitting up the work and moving kids around would make it more palatable.  

Nope. Some of the students used the movement as a opportunity to draw on the white board, pick at posters on the walls, or generally avoid the work.  Others seemed frustrated by what I was asking them, not that they didn't understand the steps, but that they didn't like the procedure.

Later during my prep, I went to talk to a veteran teacher with 32 years of experience in our district. When I explained what happened, she said, "Kids don't like new experiences or expectations.  They get used to the way you have them do something, and they don't like change.  Make them do it again until they get it."

I decided that wasn't a bad idea as it was obvious they weren't ready to read an entire Donne or Marvell poem in small groups or as a class.


  New Ideas Meet with New Resistance
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: New Ideas Meet with New Resistance
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Unpacking a Metaphysical Conceit

Unit 1: Metaphysical Poets
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT will be able to analyze a metaphor as part of a metaphyscial conceit

Big Idea: Understanding a complex metaphor is made easier when students see each step along the way.

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