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Assessing these projects proved easier than expected--in a bad way. Several groups did not include all the standards in their work, forcing me to assess them at a zero for no knowledge/skill shown [yet]. Groups then had the option to revise their projects via video OR discuss their novel with me to show their abilities to analyze for theme and make and support an inferential point. Most groups chose to discuss with me, which also turned out to be easy to assess. I was able to ask specific questions to prompt their responses (ex. how did PeeWee and Richie change over the course of their novel?), giving students a focus for their analysis.


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Project Presentations

Unit 2: Finding Themes and Making Inferences in Literature
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Objective: SWBAT summarize a text, analyze for theme, and make an inferential, text-supported point by presenting their novel projects.

Big Idea: Show time! Students share their theme projects.

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