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Before I even started the notes for this lesson - I put up the learning target and we had a discussion about what the word distribute means.  For all of my regular classes, I didn't have any students that could share any hint that they might have a clue what it meant.  So then I said - I just distributed a notes sheet to the class - what did I do? Who did I give it to?  That sparked discussion about the fact that I handed out a paper to everybody - each student in the class got one.  So I said, its the same thing it math - we are going to distribute numbers into a set of paranthesis, and every term inside has to get it.  That conversation got the ball rolling for what we were going to study in class!

Additionally, I recognized out loud that they would think my advice was babyish, but I advised them to draw arrows from the term being distributed to each term inside the paranthesis - to avoid forgetting terms.  In fact, I had a couple kids call me over to say they couldn't get the right answer, and they had not taken my advice and thus forgotten to distribute to the second term.  I did not tell them what was wrong, instead I said go back and draw your arrows, do the problem again, and see how it goes.  By golly - they had success :)  (and who says teachers don't know best?)

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Distributive Property

Unit 5: Expressions
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to use the distributive property to simplify expressions.

Big Idea: What does distribute mean in language arts? We can apply that definition to math to help us simplify expressions.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, 7th grade, distributive property
  65 minutes
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