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It seems that students getting picked up from school early can come at the worst time. Today at the start of the lesson a student was called to the office to go home. If I have a student that gets picked up often, I try to give them an easy "challenge" or home assignment to practice. This extra practice is rewarded with a positive reward slip. 

For this student, he was off to his older brother's wrestling match out of town. Yesterday, we practiced the text structure of chronological order. The "challenge" I give him is to try to write five steps down pertaining to the order of his brother's match or about wrestling. He left excited that he could do that as work.  

I have found that by offering these "challenges" that match a lesson we have done, with what they are leaving to go do. Sometimes this can take some quick creativity, but 80% of the time the student comes back with the challenge. This makes it all worth it, they get some extra practice and credit for doing so. 

  A Student Leaves Early
  Shared Expectations: A Student Leaves Early
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What's the Problem?

Unit 6: Text Structures
Lesson 2 of 2

Objective: SWBAT determine and write the problem and solution the author uses within a text.

Big Idea: Students are going to have to be detectives to figure out the problem and solutions. This lesson is a fun way to practice problem and solution with text and by working with a partner.

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