Reflection: High Quality Task Enjambments, Caesuras, and Revision Day - Section 3: Revision Round 2


I've spent hours upon hours writing comments on students papers.  Hours. And for what?  I honestly don't know.  I've had many discussions with other teachers about how even though we teachers take the time to write comments on papers, students usually don't read them.


That's because we read final drafts and write comments on final drafts.  Final drafts are done.  Final.  Can't be changed.  (Of course, teachers realize that's not wholly true.  I wish I could remember the author who published a book and then revised it.  The author didn't put out a second edition, if I remember correctly, the author actually revised and republished.) 


One reason I like taking a day or two days to work on revision is because it puts ownership and responsibility on students to ask for my help.  I did 'randomly' offer to read certain students' poems, and they responded favorably.  Much more favorably than if I had collected ALL THE POEMS and spent three evenings reading and writing comments. 


How will it impact their final drafts? I don't know.  I'll find out tomorrow when we do presentations and when I ask them to write another paragraph on how the revision process helped or hindered them.

  Owning the Revision Process
  High Quality Task: Owning the Revision Process
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Enjambments, Caesuras, and Revision Day

Unit 7: Analyzing and Crafting Original Poems with George Ella Lyon’s “Where I’m From”
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Objective: Students will be able to analyze how author's use of punctuation (enjambments and caesuras) contributes to the meaning. Students will be able to strengthen their writing by receiving peer feedback in the form of revision love notes.

Big Idea: Students give and receive real and immediate feedback by reading poems and writing revision love notes.

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