Reflection: Student Ownership Eye of the Storm: Comparing & Contrasting Overall Text Structure with 2 Complex Texts - Section 4: Independent Practice


During my above level small group today, I explained that we are going to move into text talk groups during small group rotations once we get back from winter break.  I explained that we were going to read a book today about volcanoes and that we were going to begin to think about the structure of the text.  When we get back from break, we will have a text talk group (kind of like socratic seminar for small groups).  Scholars will be in small groups of 3-4 and will discuss text instead of rotating toward me.  I will assist by facilitating the learning, circulating, monitoring discussion, but I will not drive small group time.  Scholars were super excited by this and they were very happy to begin to take responsibility and ownership of their own learning.  

  Preparing for Text Talk groups
  Student Ownership: Preparing for Text Talk groups
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Eye of the Storm: Comparing & Contrasting Overall Text Structure with 2 Complex Texts

Unit 6: Nature's Fury - Part II
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT compare & contrast text structure with 2 or more texts (Eye of the Storm and Volcanoes).

Big Idea: We've prepared all week - it's finally time to compare & contrast 2 texts!

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types of volcano hazards usgs
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